» Home Department, Assam

Mandate of the Department

The Home Department of the Govt. of Assam consists of the following branches:

» Home (A) Department
» Home (B) Department
» Home (C) Department

(A) Home (A) Department deals with the following matters

» Maintaining the establishment of the State Police including IPS and APS officers
» Establishment matters of Forensic Science Laboratory and Assam Police Radio Organization
» Raising of Assam Police Battalions & India Reserve Battalions
» Modernization of Police Force
» Modernization schemes of Forensic Science Laboratory
» Preparation and control of budget for the State Police and Forensic Science Laboratory
» Matters relating to Right to Information Act
» Training of Police Forces / Officers as well as Officers of Forensic Science Laboratory
» Prevention of infiltration of foreigners' schemes and establishment matters
» Assisting the Civil Administration in times of disaster
» Control of vehicular traffic under M. V .Act.
» Implementation of Finance Commission award for construction of Police Stations and Out Posts.

(B) Home (B) Department deals with the following matters

» Establishment of Home Guards and Civil Defence officers
» Training of Home Guards and Civil Defence officials
» Imparting training to officials and civilians to meet the exigencies during the Natural Calamities as well as manmade disasters
» Help Police Administration in maintaining general law & order as well as control of crimes
» Preparation of Budget of Home Guards & Civil Defence and control thereof
» Administration of Jails of the State
» Modernization of Prisons
» Establishment matters of Jails
» Preparation & control of Budget of Jails
» Establishment matters of State Fire Service Organization
» Preparation & control of Budget of Fire Service Organization
» Fire Safety and Security to individuals and public properties
» Training of Fire Service Officers

(C) Home (C) Department deals with the following matters

» Issue of prosecution sanction under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act
» Implementation of Finance Commission award for construction of police stations, outposts and other buildings
» Matters relating to sanction of new Police Stations and Outposts
» Matters relating to reimbursement of security related expenditure, purchase of arms and ammunition for Assam Police under Modernization of Police Force scheme
» Issue of Arms Licences

(A) There are two Directorates Under Home (A) Department

» Office of the Director General of Police, Assam
» Office of the Director of Forensic Science Laboratory, Assam

1. Office of the Director General of Police :

Assam Police, which came into existence in 1862, is an important component of the criminal justice system of the State with entrusted objectives of preventing and detecting crime as well as maintaining law and order and providing security to the society so that peace and tranquility prevails.

Assam Police has been divided into 6 Ranges and 28 Districts. Each Range is under one Deputy Inspector General of Police and each district is under a Superintendent of Police. There are 14 Assam Police Battalions, 4 Assam Police Task Force Battalions, 6 Assam Police (India Reserve) Battalions, 1 Commando Battalion and 4 Training Centers in the State. These are-

Names of Ranges with Head Quarters :

1) Central Western Range, Guwahati
2) Western Range, Kokrajhar
3) Eastern Range, Jorhat
4) Southern Range, Silchar
5) Northern Range, Tezpur
6) Central Range, Diphu

Names of Assam Police Battalions with Head Quarters:

1) lst APBn. - Ligiripukhuri, Sivasagar
2) 2nd APBn. - Makum, Tinsukia
3) 3rd APBn. - Titabor, Jorhat
4) 4thAPBn. - Kahilipara, Guwahati
5) 5th APBn. - Sontilla, Haflong
6) 6th APBn. - Kathal, Haflong
7) 7th APBn. - Charaikhola, Kokrajhar
8) 8th APBn. - Abhayapuri, Bongaigaon
9) 9th APBn. - Barhampur, Nagaon
10) 10th APBn. - Kahilipara, Guwahati
11) 11th APBn. - Dergaon, Golaghat
12) 12th APBn. - Jamugurihat, Sonitpur
13) 13th APBn. - Lilabari, Lakhimpur
14) 14th APBn. - Daulasal, Nalbari

Names of Assam Police Task Force Battalions with Head Quarters:

1) lst APTFBn. - Dakurvita, Goalpara
2) 2nd APTFBn. - Lumding, Nagaon
3) 3rd APTFBn. - Khajuabeel, Udalguri
4) 4th APTFBn. - Howly, Barpeta

Name of Assam Police (India Reserve) Battalions with Head Quarters:

1) 15th AP(IR)Bn. - Eraligool, Karimganj
2) 16th AP(IR)Bn. - Bormonipur, Morigaon
3) 19th AP(IR)Bn. - Tengakhat, Dibrugarh
4) 20th AP(IR)Bn. - Panbari, Dhubri
5) 21st AP(IR)Bn. - Hailakandi
6) 22nd AP(IR)Bn. - Dhemaji

Name of Training Centers:

1) Police Training College (PTC), Dergaon
2) Assam Police Training Centre (APTC), Dergaon
3) Recruit Training School (RTS), Dergaon
4) Basic Training Centre (BTC), Dergaon

Activities of the Department

Govt. has raised 2 India Reserve Battalions namely, 21st AP (IR) Bn, at Hailakandi and 22nd AP(IR) Bn at Dhemaji during the year 2005-06. Recruitment process for appointment of 2014 personnel has been completed and assurance for two more IR Battalions has also been received from the Govt. of India.

An ambitious effort for co-operation and coordination in between Police and public has been made through community oriented projects namely, AASHWAS', 'PRAHARI', 'SAHAYOG' etc.

AASHWAS : This project was launched on 14th November, 2001, on the Children's Day, by the Assam Police to combat violence and insurgency and also to extend support towards children and those undergoing trauma. Aashwas has identified a cluster of 7 villages in each of the 7 districts where there is a history of ethnic or terrorist violence and which need sensitization campaigns. It has also undertaken work to bridge the gap between community and the Police.

PRAHARI : The goal of Prahari is to tackle social problems and bring the Police Community closer to the public. The project Prahari was first launched in Thaikarguri village in Kokrajhar district where five innocent persons were brutally murdered by the villagers. These murders were a result of superstitions combined with illiteracy. The project Prahari has been working towards the upliftment of the mass and development of the society through Community Management Groups or Community Liaison Groups. It is now an extended project.

SAHAYOG : The project Sahayog works towards all round development of areas below the poverty line which are identified and adopted through close cooperation of the people. To address the problem of insurgency, the root cause of which being unemployment coupled with economic backwardness, Assam Police has laid special emphasis on community orientation through project Sahayog with active participation of the Police and the public.

The project is undertaken by Assam Police Battalions in close cooperation with the residents of the village chosen for the purpose.

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