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Mandate of the Department :

Assam Govt. Marketing Corporation Ltd. is the only State Govt. Handicrafts & Handlooms Development Corporation. The main function & role of the Corporation is to market the handloom, handicrafts and other small-scale industry products by the Weavers and artisans of Assam through it's eleven emporia located within and outside the State of Assam.

The AGMC Ltd. by way of its marketing activities is providing support to the weavers and the artisan community and uplifting the rural economy of Assam. The Corporation has also been implementing various schemes sponsored by the Govt. of Assam and Govt. of India for the welfare of the weavers and artisans of Assam from time to time.

Acts and Rules administered by the Department or under which the deptt. functions.

The Corporation is registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and follows the Indian Companies Act. 1956. The activities of the Assam Govt. Marketing Corporation Ltd. is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

(i) The Assam Sericulture (Silk worm seed cocoon and silk yarn control) Act.1987.- Not yet     enforced.

(ii) Sericultural Manual


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