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Mandate of the Department

The mandate of the Guwahati Development Department is to oversee the development of Guwahati City through the development works carried out by Guwahati Municipal Corporation and Guwahatj Metropolitan Development Authority and in some cases by the other Departments of Government of Assam.
Functions, Roles and responsibilities of the Department as well as any Directorate /Board / Corporation /other Agencies under Its administrative control-
The function of the Department is the Administrative control of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority and to monitor the activities of these two organizations and also to sanction and release fund for the various developmental schemes to be undertaken by these two organizations. Further, the Department is also to construct the Permanent Capital Complex and execute the various developmental schemes under the Twelfth Finance Commission and through the funds sanctioned by the GOI under NLCPR, One Time Additional Central Assistance and JNNURM.

Acts and Rules administered by the Department or under which the Department functions


  1. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act,1971.
  2. The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Act, 1985.
  3. The Guwahati Defacement of Public Property Act, 2006.
  4. The Guwahati Non Biodegradable Solid Waste Management Act, 2006.
  5. The Assam Fiscal Responsibilities and Budget Management Act, 2005.
  6. The Assam Municipal Disclosure Act, 2007.
  7. The Assam Nagar Raj Act, 2007.


  1. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation Assessment List and Property Tax Byelaws, 1977.
  2. Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Collection, Removal and Disposal of Garbage and offensive Matters and Sewage and Efficient Cleaning and Scavenging of Streets, Drains and Premises) Bye Laws, 1997.
  3. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Enforcing the Colour Scheme for Private and Public Buildings) Bye laws, 1976.
  4. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Toll on Vehicles and Animals) Byelaws, 1976.
  5. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Levy of Tax on Animals) Byelaws, 1976.
  6. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Regulating of Sale of Article of Foods) Byelaws, 1976.
  7. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Protection of Parks, Gardens, Public places, Avenues, Trees etc.) Byelaws, 1976.
  8. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Regulating Hotels, Boarding Houses, Rest Houses, Restaurants, Eating Houses, Cafes, Restaurant Rooms, Residential Clubs and Places of Public Recreation, Entertainment or Resorts) Byelaws, 1976.
  9. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Prohibiting Waste of Water and Damage of Water and Damage of Water Works and Regulating the Uses of Hydrants, etc.) Byelaws, 1976.
  10. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Regulation of Animal Control, Seizure of ownerless Animals Straying and Prohibition of Tethering of Animals and Milking of Animals) Bye-Laws, 1976.
  11. Building Bye-Laws for Guwahati Municipal Corporation.
  12. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Regulating the use of Markets and Slaughter Houses) Bye-Laws, 1976.
  13. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Regulation of Animal Control, Seizure of ownerless animals straying prohibition of Tethering of animals and Milking of Animals) Bye-laws, 1976.
  14. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation Tax on Advertisements (Other than Advertisements Published in the newspapers) Bye-Laws, 1975.
  15. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Levy of Tax on Dogs kept within the City of Guwahati ) Bye –laws,1975.
  16. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Licensing of Rickshaw and Rickshaw Pullar) Bye –laws, 1976.
  17. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation Levy of Taxes on Draught animals, Vessels, Vehicles other than Mechanically propelled Bye Laws, 1976.
  18. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Settlement of Lease of Check gates, Parking Places, Markets etc) Bye –laws,1997.
  19. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Conduct of Business) Rules,1973.
  20. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (Conduct of Business at Meetings of the Standing Committees and other Committees) Rules,1974.
  21. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation Election Rules,1973.

Activities of the Department

Description of the main Plans/Programmes/Works implemented by the Department –
Brief description of the schemes indicating main objectives, components and beneficiaries -
The following schemes are taken up by the department in the financial year 2007-2008:-
1. Construction of Permanent Capital Complex.
Barring the last block ('E' Block), construction of the entire Capital
Complex comprising of 11 blocks have been completed and most of the Departments have already been shifted into the blocks. The total project cost comes to Rs. 115 Crores.
  2. Construction of Rope-way.
A scheme for construction of a Ropeway between Guwahati and North Guwahati at a tentative cost of Rs.29.87 crores is presently under execution.
  3. Construction of Park.
Construction of a Phase-l of a Park at Soil Conservation Directorate, R.G.Baruah Road is underway at an approximate cost of Rs. 1.94
  4. Many other beautification schemes are also taken up like renovation of Tarun Ram Phukan Park, Boprsola Beet, Sakuntala Pukhuri, Jorpukhuri, Hatigarh Indoor Stadium, Swimming Pool at North Guwahjati & Park at Rukminigaon, construction of 3 Nos of Harijan School, Park at Pandu, Public Utility Services in different places and 4other schemes.
  5. The Construction of drain-cum-footpath from Dispur last gate to Khanapara and from Chandmari to Noonmati, Construction of Storm water drainage at Pandu have been taken up under 12th Finance Commission Award and nearly 30% of the scheme have been completed during the Financial Year 2007-08.
(b) Implementation Mechanism-
    Most of the schemes are implemented by the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority, engaging PWD, Water Resource, Town and Country planning and Guwahati Municipal Corporation observing the formalities.
(c) Allocations, expenditures, targets and achievements (physical and Financial)


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